Reign VI

The Saint of Diplomacy,
HIM Empress VI  Twayla Knight

The Silver Fox Emperor,
HIM Emperor VI & VII Jerry Bray

HIM Empress VI Twyla Knight was a phenomenal entertainer, knowing no limits on stage. Her travels on the circuit brought attention to Kentucky. Her snake waving “Looking for a City” performance is one that is still talked about by individuals across the Court System.

We thank you Twyla for using your art of performance to shine light on our community. We thank you for your service and dedication to our organization and the charities we support.

HIM Emperor VI & VII and Imperial Crown Princess 2 (Shanna Lee) – Jerry Bray a very detail oriented individual, reigned much the same, strict with details and timelines. He and his partner at the time Chuck Bruner served on the board of directors of the ICK during some difficult times of the organization. But with guidance and perseverance the organization continued to achieve great things for charities within the Bluegrass.

We thank Twayla and Jerry for their service and dedication to our community and organization.