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About Imperial Court Of Kentucky

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 265
Lexington, KY 40588


A Brief History

The Imperial Court of Kentucky, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity with a special outreach to the GLBT community of Kentucky. Founded in 1982 and based on the savants of manner of English royalty, the Imperial Court of Kentucky is a charter member of the International Court System with over 70 other courts across North America. The Court provides a social outlet and recognition to the GLBT community and its supporters through frequent events, such as the Falsie Awards, all while raising funds for  local charitable causes. In 2006, The Imperial Court of Kentucky was named International Court of Distinction by the International Court Council.


Contact the Imperial Court of Kentucky

Email: info@imperialcourtkentucky.org


Reigning Monarchs

His Most Imperial Majesty, Regent Emperor XXXVII Clayton Burchell

Her Most Imperial Majesty, Empress XXXVII Petty Giuliana Poussey


Board of Directors

President, Nick Porter

Vice-President, Terrill Thurman

Treasurer, Joshua McKinley

Secretary, Eric Yoak

Director, Dylan Doker

Director, Tim Logsdon

Director, Jeanne Jessop

Director, Clayton Burchell

Director, Glenn Means


Minister of Protocol

His Imperial Majesty, Emperor XXX, Fred Worsham

Email: fworsham@gmail.com


Coronation Coordinator

Her Imperial Majesty, Empress XXXV, Aurora Cummings

Email: lexingtonboi79@gmail.com


Secretary to College of Monarchs

Her Imperial Majesty, Empress XXXIV, Kali Dupree