Reign I

The Southern Belle Empress,
HIM Empress 1 Julie Vaughn – In Memoriam

The Black Leather Thoroughbred Emperor,
HIM Emperor 1 Ray Allen (Appointed) – In Memoriam

 In April 1982 at the Circus Disco in Lexington, Kentucky a dream became a reality when co-founders Greg Butler and Marlon Austin arrived and saw a line wrapping around the building to get into an event that they had planned for months. That very successful and historic evening in Kentucky Julie Vaughn was crowned Empress 1 of Kentucky. While there was voting, the event was more of a pageant styled event. Coronation 1 was focused on electing an Empress only. During the Reign it was determined that an Emperor should be named and Ray stepped up as Regent to help. An amazing individual that had a huge heart and full of kindness. Ray was dedicated in his service to our organization and community.

We celebrate the standards and the path on which HIM Empress I Julie Vaughn embarked to get us where we are today.

We thank HIM Emperor 1 Ray Allen for his guidance and words of wisdom to many emperors over the years.