Julie Vaughn Memorial Closet Ball

Have you ever wanted to wear fabulous outfits? Have you wanted to perform in front of a live audience? Have you ever wanted to do drag? This is the event for you!
If you have ever wanted to participate in drag as a drag queen or king, this is the time. This pageant is designed for first time performers who have never been on the big stage and accepted tips. Participants will be matched up with a local queen and have an hour to get ready before they have to sashay across the dance floor and show their moves!
If you are interested, please reach out to the chair of this event Petty Poussey, Empress 37 or Uma Jewels, Empress 38
All applications are due the night of the pageant at 8:00 pm to the Minister of Protocol, Kali Dupree.
Hugo’s UltraLounge
Sunday, September 15, 2019
$5 Door Donation @ 8PM
Pageant @ 9PM