Reign XXXIV Royal Lineage

Reign XXXIV Royal Lineage

Her Most Imperial Majesty, Empress XXXIV, Kali Dupree,
The Fashionista Empress of Dedication, Desire, Determination, and Devotion.

His Most Imperial Highness, Prince Royale XXXIV, Scottie Clark

His Imperial Majesty, Heir Apparent to Queen Mother I of the Americas, Nicole the Great, Emperor XXVIII, Wesley Nelson, King Father to Reign XXXIV

His Highness, Marquis Daniel Honeycutt

His Highness, Marquis Jim Prince

His Grace, Viscount Joshua Dillon

His Excellency, Baron Kenneth J. Squires

Her Most Imperial Highness, Princess Royale XXXIV, Uma Jewels

Her Imperial Majesty, Empress XXX, ShotZ with a Z, Queen Mother to Reign XXXIV

Her Highness, Duchess Tomika Taylor

Her Highness, Duchess Dominique Diamond

Her Highness, Marquise Diva Lilo

Her Grace, Viscountess Bobbi Pins

Her Excellency, Baroness Trinity K. Alexis