Reign XXXIII Royal Lineage

Reign XXXIII Royal Lineage

His Most Imperial Majesty, Emperor XXXIII, Tim “Pap Paw” Logsdon, The Kentucky Colonel of Honesty, Sincerity, Style, Harmony, and Boat Drinks.

His Most Imperial Highness, Protector to the Queen Mother I of the Americas, Nicole the Great, Prince Royale XXXIII, Dave Adams

His Imperial Majesty, Great Great Great Nephew to Queen Mother I of the Americas, Nicole the Great, Emperor XXXI, Daryl “Big D” Lyons, Half Emperor to Reign XXXIII

His Imperial Majesty, Heir Apparent to Queen Mother I of the Americas, Nicole the Great, Emperor XXVIII, Wesley Nelson, King Father to Reign XXXIII

His Highness, Duke Shane Brewer

His Highness, Duke Scottie Clark

His Highness, Duke Phillip Marcum

His Highness, Duke Jason Morgan

His Highness, Duke Edward Stearnes

His Highness, Duke Andrew Tan

His Highness, Marquis Michael Birchett

His Highness, Marquis Jeremy Daugherty

His Highness, Marquis Jeremy Gribbins

His Grace, Count Dennis Bastien-Lyons

His Grace, Count Tommy Brodbeck

His Grace, Count Chris McDowell

His Grace, Count James Prince

His Grace, Count Shannon Yates

His Grace, Viscount Kyle Powell

His Excellency, Baron Joshua Dillon

His Excellency, Baron Adam Evans

His Excellency, Baron Dan Hendrickson

His Excellency, Baron Adam Imparato

His Excellency, Baron Rebecca Richter

His Excellency, Baron Kenneth J. Squires

Her Most Imperial Majesty, Empress XXXIII, Christina Pusé, The Fiery Empress of Beauty, Grace, Dedication, Love, and Strength.

Her Most Imperial Highness, Imperial Crown Princess XXXIII, Kali Dupree

Her Most Imperial Highness, Princess Royale XXXIII, Aurora Cummings

Her Imperial Majesty, Empress XXXI, Trinity, Half Empress to Reign XXXIII

Her Imperial Majesty, Heir Apparent, Second in Line of Succession to Queen Mother I of the Americas, Nicole the Great, Empress XXI & XXVIII, Nicole the Good, Queen Mother to Reign XXXIII

Her Highness, Duchess Dani Gibson

Her Highness, Duchess Cadillac Seville

Her Highness, Duchess Tomika Taylor

Her Highness, Marquise Shanita Eatsum

Her Highness, Marquise JoDee Monroe

Her Grace, Countess Charisma Li

Her Grace, Countess Diva Lilo

Her Grace, Countess Uma Jewels

Her Grace, Viscountess Erica James

Her Excellency, Baroness Chanel Devereaux

Her Excellency, Baroness Bobbi Pins